How Window Coverings Can Add Personality & Style to Your Home

If you find that your home lacks style and doesn't quite reflect your own personality, you may need to do nothing more than add new window coverings. Curtains, blinds, shutters, and other coverings add more to the look of your décor than you may realize, and they may also be more affordable than you know. To choose the best window coverings for your space and to ensure they add the style you're looking for, consider a few simple tips on the choices you have.

1. Shutters add a country, casual feeling

Privacy shutters and plantation shutters can add a country, casual feeling to any space. The softness of wood brings in a natural element that can add warmth to an otherwise stark space, and they're also a good option for smaller windows and smaller rooms. Shutters don't overwhelm the space, which is often a problem with large and heavy drapes. For something casual and stylish, choose shutters.

2. Panels are good for adding warmth

Another idea for a small space that needs some warmth are drapery panels. These are simple, square curtains that come in a variety of colors and patterns. Because the panels are square they aren't overly ornate, but the fabric can add warmth to an empty or cool space. Panels are also good for a smaller space as they don't seem too large or decorative. They can be tied back for a casual look or opened completely when you want the most light in a room.

3. Large curtains give a space grandeur

If you do have a large room and want to add elegance and grandeur, large curtains or drapes can be the best choice. Choose something in a bold pattern to act as the centerpiece or focal point of the room. Make sure the fabric also matches the décor of your space; an elegant silk is good for an Asian theme whereas a more casual burlap or corduroy is good for a casual setting.

4. Bamboo shades add a touch of texture

For a rustic look and just a touch of texture, you might opt for bamboo shades. The brown color of the shades adds a touch of color to your space without being overwhelming, and the texture of the bamboo can enhance an otherwise sterile area. These too are good for small windows as they fit inside the frame and won't overpower your room, or compete with other pieces in the space.

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