3 Essential Things to Consider Before Making Motel Reservation

Whether you're out on a road trip with your family, friends or workmates, securing good a motel for them to rest is vital. After all, you won't want them to feel uncomfortable despite going through a tiring day on the road. For that reason, here are a few points for you to consider when looking for an appropriate motel.

Type of Facilities Offered

The first thing that you need to find out before making reservations into a motel is whether it has facilities that you need. If you're travelling with your spouse and kids on an adventurous expedition, you may need to check into a motel with family entertainment facilities such as TV rooms.

On the other hand, if you're on an official work trip with a colleague, then you can find a motel with internet connectivity to be very instrumental to your business. Therefore, you should check whether the motel provides facilities that suit your special needs.


How far away is the motel from the main highway? This is a question that can help you determine the accessibility of the motel. If you have a private car or van, it can be quite easy to reach a motel located far away from the main road without too much hassle. Alternatively, you can find out whether shuttle services are offered in case you're using public transport.

Moreover, you'll need to find out if the roads leading to the chosen motels are in passable condition especially during bad weather. If not, you should ensure that you restrict yourself to booking a motel that is situated close to the main highway so as to avoid incidences of vehicle breakdown due to bad roads.


Can you comfortably pay for the expenses charged for the motel services that you need? Typically, most motels include bed and breakfast in the cost of the accommodation, even though this isn't a guarantee.

Therefore, you may need to pay for some other extras apart from the usual accommodation costs. Some of these extras may include payment for delayed room check-out, room service, car parking, and use of entertainment facilities.

Most importantly, always confirm that the costs for all services rendered are worth your money. For instance, your parked car should be fully secure from the risk of vandalism or theft during your stay at the motel.  

Putting the three above-mentioned factors into account can help you obtain a comfortable motel like Ashfield's Philip Lodge Motel in a convenient and cost-effective manner.

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