Choosing The Best Buffalo Turf

If you're renovating your home and garden and feel like your lawn needs a bit of sprucing up, it can be difficult to work out what direction to take it in. Should you throw down some seeds and hope for the best? Should you purchase artificial grass for small patio areas? Should you purchase some sheets of buffalo turf and lay those down? Buffalo turf is one of the most popular options for landscaping in Australia but even deciding on buffalo turf won't provide all the answers. The next decision you'll need to make is what type of buffalo turf you want to work with.

There are dozens of varieties to choose from and each have their own distinct qualities to consider. Here are just a handful of your options:

1. Shademaster

The shademaster variety is not the best choice for homeowners concerned about the outward appearance of their lawn. However, it is a budget option for people in a bit of a pinch financially. The problem with shademaster is that is dies easily in the cold, and in winter the grass has an unappealing color and texture. This makes it a less popular option but it also makes it cheaper to purchase. If you are only looking to keep the mud under control and provide a place for children and animals to play then this could be the lawn for you.

2. Palmetto

Palmetto grass is a favorite in Australia because it is low maintenance and drought resistant. It does not quickly grow out of control which is perfect if you want to be able to lay it down and leave it for long periods without trimming. It has a strong emerald green tone that many people prefer to duller or more blue toned varieties of buffalo turf. It is not only drought resistant; it also fares well in winter frosts and heavy rain. This makes it perfect for unpredictable weather patterns and busy homeowners! 

3. Sapphire

Sapphire buffalo turf has a rich blue-green color and a soft feel under the foot. It has a finer leaf than many other varieties and this is what contributes to the softness of the lawn. It also appears more finely textured which is a quality many people find aesthetically pleasing. Sapphire grows very well in the shade so if you have a lot of trees or larger plants that cover your lawn, Sapphire is a great choice.

4. Sir Walter

This lawn requires a little more maintenance than other varieties in terms of mowing and trimming the edges. It has a nice color, although it is not as deeply colored as some other varieties. It has good disease tolerance and does not wear too easily. This lawn is a more expensive option but could be worth the added cost if you want a lawn that grows quickly.

For more information, consult a turf expert like Mardi Park Turf.

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