The Best Native Plants For Your Home

Australia has a unique beauty, made up in part by its 24,000 identified native plants. Take pride in your country and grow native plants around your home. Here are the perfect native plants for the rooms of your home.  

Living room Add a bit of green and yellow to the corner of your living room by adding a young or dwarf umbrella tree. Although considered an invasive weed in some areas, many places view this tree as a beautiful indoor plant. These trees prefer direct, constant sunlight. If they don't receive enough light, they will grow to be spindly. This is why they're perfect for your light, bright living room. They grow tall, up to 1.5 metres, so they can be placed behind furniture if space is limited. While not considered a poisonous plant, be aware that some people and pets can have allergic reactions to the sap of the umbrella tree or if ingesting it. A few people may develop a rash if coming into contact with the sap.  

Bedroom Eucalyptus trees are a strong part of Australia's identity. They are also easy to look after, have some wonderful medicinal uses and prefer to live indoors during cold weather. They are excellent plants to reside in your bedroom. Bring in your potted tree during the winter and it will brighten up your bedroom with its evergreen leaves. Eucalyptus oil has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, and the scent of the live plant will help you to relax. While the oil of the dried leaves have medicinal uses, do not ingest any part of the plant. This can result in poisoning which can result in vomiting, diarrhoea and trouble breathing.  

Bathroom There are a number of types of ferns that can be successfully kept indoors, and these plants are very well suited to the bathroom. Often ferns are thought to do well in tropical locations or rain forests, so this makes them perfect for the damp bathroom. The Australian tree fern, for example, loves humidity, making it suitable for the bathroom. A fern in the bathroom can add a wonderfully relaxing air to the room, as well as add some colour and personality to a room often neglected. In the wild, tree ferns can grow to 12 meters in height, so you may need to move your fern outside after a few years.

Plants can be beneficial to have in your home, particularly during the cold, dark winter months. So why not take pride in where you live and stick to native Australian plants.

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