Five Tips For First-time Self Storage Users

Self storage facilities are useful in all kinds of circumstances: when you're moving home, if you have to downsize for a while, during extensive renovations or building work, if you're the inheritor of a will and suddenly have a whole lot more stuff to deal with, etc. If you've never used one before, though, it can be a slightly stressful experience - there's a lot to consider. Here are five tips to help you out. 

  1. Box everything up before you pick a locker size. People aren't great at estimating size based on pictures in their heads. It'll be a lot easier to choose a well-sized space if you can see in front of you exactly how much needs to go in it and how big everything is. You won't be able to measure everything perfectly, but it'll give you a much better idea than your imagination would. Getting everything organised sooner rather than later will help you avoid either wasting money or having to move everything again at the last minute.  
  2. Read the facility's rules carefully. There are some things - like explosives or perishable food - that you can't really store anywhere. There are other things that are down to the discretion of the company, and you need to know what those things are in advance in case it changes your decision. You should also be aware that you'll probably be asked to make a list of the items- it doesn't have to be entirely accurate, but you need to know roughly what's in there and be able to tell them that.  
  3. Ask to see the space before you commit. The first point goes both ways - you need to have seen both the stuff and the space if you're to make a good decision on how much room you're going to need. Taking a look at it in real life is a good idea for other reasons too, though; you need to be sure that the space you're buying is clean, secure and empty.  
  4. Don't be afraid to voice concerns as early in the process as possible. As when dealing with any salesperson, if you're not happy with something, speak up sooner rather than later. If you'd like a different locker, or to ask a question about the rate, the earlier you say something, the easier it will be to address your concerns.  
  5. Check in on your things from time to time.  Leaving your possessions behind in a locker can be a surprisingly emotional experience for some people, and for your own peace of mind - as well as for the safety of your belongings - it's important that you check in.

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