Frameless vs. Framed Glass Shower Screens

If you are thinking about creating a separate shower enclosure, consider installing a glass shower screen. The feature is more ideal than a shower curtain because it is sturdier and more effective in limiting water spillage and spray into the rest of the bathroom. In addition, it enhances the design and decor of the space.

There are framed and frameless glass screens available to suit different requirements, preferences and financial situations.  Framed products have toughened glass which are surrounded by resilient frames typically made of aluminum or composite and with varying finishes. Frameless alternatives consist of toughened heavy-duty glass which is structurally supported by specially-designed pivots. Consider this description of the advantages and drawbacks of the two configurations before purchase.


The visual appeal of the frameless shower screen is unrivaled. It gives the bathroom space a high-end look, and the elegance will blend with all types of design styles. It is an ideal choice for small bathrooms; the lack of a frame gives the illusion of more space. The toughened glass used is typically thick and durable because there is no extra support, so the risk of breakage is very low. Moreover, the screen is easy to clean since there are no hidden furrows and corners to allow the accumulation of scum and mold growth. There is also no special maintenance required to uphold aesthetics or structural performance. The main disadvantages of frameless glass are the high cost of purchasing the product and complex installation, which necessitates professional assistance.


The frame feature in the shower screen makes this option more effective in keeping the water within the enclosure. There is a firm seal formed between the frame and the rest of the structure, so the risk of leaks is minimal. There are different design and decorative options available for the glass surface. This benefit is facilitated by the structural support from the frame, which allows the use of lighter and embellished glass. Additionally, the cost of the framed shower screens is low and the installation process is easy for most DIY enthusiasts. The drawback of the framed choice is that the feature is unlikely to blend in with contemporary and minimalist decor. Also, the doors typically open outwards which is a limiting factor for some bathroom spaces.

The Verdict

Both framed and frameless shower screens are excellent features and your choice will mainly be dictated and constrained by the budget and style preference. Evaluate these variables to determine which type is ideal for your current and future requirements.

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