4 Ways You Can Cut Carpet Installation Costs

When you decide to upgrade your carpet, there are several costs to expect. One of those costs is the installation of the carpet. If you are looking for ways to cut these costs down, by a little or a lot, there are some steps you can take. Here are four ways that you can cut carpet installation costs while still getting the professional services you expect from your chosen carpet suppliers.

Purchase Carpet Padding at a Discount

Carpet padding can be purchased from home improvement stores, classified ads, and as a surplus item from general contractors after finishing a job. Since the price of installation often includes the installation of the padding and the padding itself, you can cut at least some of the price by already having the padding ready. Some carpet suppliers will also offer options that if you buy your own padding, the installation may be very little or free.

Purchase during Seasonal Specials

Most carpet suppliers will offer seasonal specials that have discounts on carpet, padding, and installation. These specials are usually run at around the same time every year. Find out when your chosen store sales will be held and look for the best deal on installation. You may find that one or all of the specials offers free installation up to a certain square footage.

Hire a Third Party

Another way you can cut the cost of your carpet installation is to hire a third party installer. Most carpet suppliers do not require that they be the ones that install the carpet. In fact, some suppliers don't even mention installation until they are asked about it or until they are scheduling the delivery of the carpet.

Choose a third party installer that offers a better price than the original installation option you were quoted. This can help cut the costs while still having your carpet installed by a professional.

Use a Combination Method

Another way people have found to cut their carpet installation costs is to use a combination of the methods listed here. For example, you could choose to purchase the carpet padding through another source, hire a third party for the installation, and purchase items during seasonal sales. In fact, combining all of these options can reduce your installation costs significantly.

These are just a few ways to cut costs on your carpet installation from your chosen carpet suppliers. If you want to know about more ways to cut the costs, contact local carpet suppliers like Carpet Care Services Pty Ltd for deals and options. 

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