Patio Builders | 4 Eclectic Ideas To Transform Your Patio Into A Tropical Haven

Been dreaming of a seaside getaway but simply don't have the time to get off work? You can bring a tropical paradise right into your backyard by filling your landscape with tropically themed décor that is sure to transport you to the sunlit havens of pristine coastlines and emerald-green highlands. Talk to your patio builders and use these eclectic ideas to transform your patio space into an exquisite tropical retreat. 

Install Dramatic Wooden Decking

Before getting into the décor of your patio, talk to your patio builders about installing decking to give you a tropical feel. Wooden decks installed on two levels are excellent choices to give your patio an island feel. A wooden deck provides the perfect space for entertaining your friends or for simply reading a book. Add a Tiki bar with a thatched roof to your wooden deck to inspire dramatic appeal and simulate the look of beachside resorts and cafes. Add some cheery signs to your wooden deck to set a playful tone for the space.

Include A Small Pond

For a truly authentic tropical feel, talk to the patio builders about adding a small pond to your patio space, which should sit right next to the wooden deck and Tiki bar. A pond inspires the feeling of an island, while the background sound of trickling water transports you to lush green rainforests for a serenely secluded atmosphere. For some live entertainment, add some colourful and tropical fish into your pond − but don't forget to feed them.

Keep The Foliage Lush And Natural

Tropical retreats require large, bright foliage to sustain their charm. For true island appeal, you'll want lush greenery and smooth rocks to complete a natural look. Put the rocks to good use by creating natural footpaths and water fixtures. Add an abundance of soft-textured plants to keep the rocks from appearing too harsh in your tropical landscape. Include some tropical plants like palms, Japanese maples and bamboo to create a cooling effect. Lush foliage subtly blends into the surroundings to create a serene patio experience.

If you enjoy cooking, you can add some Asian spices like cardamom, lemongrass and coriander to your space. They add wonderful flavours to dishes and smell divine in the outdoors.

Make A Statement With Light

Lighting has a dramatic effect on the way tropical patios are perceived. Add a variety of soft outdoor lights to make the patio both safe and attractive. Use focus lights to create different effects and add splendour, to certain areas like your pond and trees. Use solar-powered lights if you're worried about high energy bills from the outdoors.

Get your patio builders to assess the space and turn your patio into a tropical paradise − it's easier than you think. For more information, contact a company like Lifestyle Patios.

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