4 Lawn Mowing Tips for a More Lush Lawn

The end of winter signals the onset of the best time for your lawn. This is because the temperature is warmer and there is plenty of moisture for the grass in your lawn. Keep the following tips in mind each time you mow it in order to maximise the beauty of your lawn.

Avoid Cutting Wet Grass

Wait until the sun is up and the grass has lost most of its overnight moisture content before you mow it. This is because wet grass easily clogs your lawnmower and it leaves unsightly clumps of wet grass in your yard. Additionally, wet grass is not easily cut; instead, it tears and that can result in your lawn looking diseased.

Keep Changing Your Mowing Direction

It is not good to mow your lawn in the same direction each time you mow it. Any lawn mowing services will tell you that doing that will result in ruts forming within the lawn, spoiling the beauty of the freshly cut grass. Instead, if you mowed the lawn from east to west this week, change to a north-south mowing direction the following week so that the wheels of your mower don't pass the same place every time you cut the grass. The result will be a uniform-looking lawn.

Use the Mulching Feature of Your Mower

It is wasteful to ferry away all the grass that you cut from your yard. Remember that grass consumes nutrients from the soil in order to grow so when you keep ferrying away the cut grass then you are, in effect, taking away nutrients from where they are needed. The alternative to this wasteful approach is to use the mulching feature of your lawn as you cut the grass. This will convert the cut grass into nutrients that can nourish your lawn and keep it healthy. You will spend less on fertilisers if you keep converting the cut grass into mulch each time you mow the lawn.

Avoid Cutting the Grass Very Short

Cut your grass to a reasonable height (not less than two inches, for example) so that the soil is not exposed to excessive sunlight that can dry it out. Leaving some reasonable grass height will reduce the moisture needs of the lawn since the grass thatch will shield the soil from sunlight.

Always use the tips above as you care for your lawn and your lush lawn will be the envy of your neighborhood. For more tips or assistance, call companies like Lloyds Services.

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