Tips for creating a toddler friendly bathroom

When you have a child, absolutely everything in your life changes. Instead of solely thinking about yourself, you have to take the needs of another human being into consideration as well, and for many parents, this means restructuring and decorating the home so that it meets the needs of their kids. The bathroom is a space that everyone needs to use every day, for using the toilet, washing hands, and bathing, so it is really important that this is a toddler friendly space. But how exactly can you make sure that your bathroom appeals to your toddler so they enjoy time in the bathroom?

Their own bathroom accessories.

The bathroom is a space in the house that the whole family needs to use, so it is not really feasible to decorate it from top to toe with cartoon characters and bright colours. But you can introduce child friendly elements into the bathroom with bathroom accessories such as themed toothbrush holders and soap dispensers.   And if a child has a soap dispenser that they love and that is just for them, they are going to be far more attracted to the idea of washing their hands. You could even take them out shopping with you so they can pick out the bathroom accessories themselves.

Think about bath accessories too.

As well as general bathroom accessories, there are specific items for the bath that can make bath time far more fun than it would ordinarily be. For example, you could invest in animal shaped rinsers so that your children are encouraged to wash themselves. You could also seek out a colourful bath seat, which will make a child feel comfortable in the water. Team these accessories with fun bath games, and bath time will be a point in the day that your child looks forwards to.

Child-friendly fixtures.

Bathrooms are generally designed with adults in mind, and this means that fixtures such as faucets are often hard to turn with the small hands of children. In your child's early years, you might want to invest in some larger, textured taps so that your child can have a go at turning the water on and off themselves. This will allow them to help with running their own bath and give them the chance to take real responsibility for washing their own hands. These are typically a cheap investment, and they can easily be swapped out for a more sophisticated design when your child is older.

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