Home Builders | 3 Common Floor Plan Gaffes To Avoid When Building A New Home

Too many homeowners have gone through it time and again — choosing a home layout they think is ideal but finding that it often doesn't work for them. That's because they make common mistakes when choosing the best floor plan during the home building process. Working with professional home builders and architects is a great idea, but you must determine what best works for your specific needs when designing your floor plan. Note these common floor plan gaffes and avoid making them!  

Don't Presume That All Floor Plans Work With Your Lifestyle

Many homeowners make the mistake of using general floor plan ideas without concentrating on their own individual circumstances. You have to picture how your family is planning to use the house before the whole place is constructed. For example, if you have a bad back, then you don't want to be climbing flights of stairs everyday, so you may want to accommodate your bedroom in the lower floors. By assessing your family's lifestyle, you can decide whether you need a multi-level or single-level home. You can also decide whether you prefer open plan layouts or prefer rooms with partitions. Envision the elements that make you happy without conforming to general floor plan layouts.

Some home builders, like Seapointe Homes, specialize in customising floor plans, so if you have particular needs or requests, choose a home builder that can help accommodate these wishes.

Don't Let Architectural Fixtures Cost you a Fortune in the Future

It is really easy to get excited about striking architectural fixtures that look stunning in the floor plan and feel even better when you're in the finished home, but keep in mind that some elements may cost you a fortune in the future. For the sake of practicality, you must be reasonable with your floor plan layout. For example, expensive details like floor to ceiling glass windows, pristine white marble bathroom floors and skylights look fantastic on paper and even when finished, but they may propel the maintenance costs of your home upwards. These details require more upkeep than regular fixtures and will cost you a lot more than you imagined if you're not careful. When planning architectural fixtures, be sure to discuss every aspect (including the costs of maintaining fixtures) with home builders and architects. By planning your budget, you won't feel financially constrained to pay for the fixtures in your home later.

Don't Forget to Concentrate on Safety For Little Ones

Many homeowners tend to fall in love with floor plans without considering the overall safety elements of the home. When planning the ideal home layout for you and your family, be sure to put safety as your top priority — especially when you have little kids running around. For example, staircases must always have railings, while balcony walls should be well covered to prevent children from falling through. You certainly wouldn't want your kid slipping on glossy-tiled surfaces, so be sure to factor these safety priorities into your floor plan.

Avoid these floor plan blunders by working with professional architects and home builders who work with you to ensure all your needs are met during the building process. 

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