Top Three Tools for Lawn Mowing

If you are one of those do-it-yourself types, then you definitely do your own lawn care. Having a beautiful lawn is a source of pride to most homeowners, and these three tools will ensure that your lawn mowing skills are the best on the block!

Lawn Mower

If you are going to be lawn mowing, then you need a lawn mower. What type of lawn mower depends on what type of yard you have. The most basic lawnmower is a push mower. This means when you are lawn mowing, all of the strength comes from you, and it may be an unpleasant chore to complete the lawn mowing. The next step up is a self-propelled lawn mower. This type of lawn mower has an extra motor that literally propels the mower along. When you have a small yard, the self-propelled lawn mower is your best choice for lawn mowing your yard. If you have a very large yard, then you may want to invest in a riding mower. A riding mower may be more expensive; however, it will save a lot of manpower. Some mowers even come with baggers. This add-on will contain all of the grass clippings for quick easy disposal when you are done lawn mowing for the day.

If you have specific questions about which type of mower will work best in your yard, talk with someone at a company like Cox Mowers to evaluate your needs.


When you are lawn mowing, a blower can help you clean up the yard. This can be useful for both lawn mowers with or without a bagger. The blower cleans up all the grass clippings from the lawn mowing and gets them quickly and easily away from where they do not belong, like the driveway or back deck. You can get either an electrical blower or a gas-operated blower. A backpack blower is a good choice to avoid strain on your back when lawn mowing.

Weed Eater

When you are lawn mowing, you want to make sure the grass is perfect looking, but what about those spots in your yard you cannot reach with a lawn mower? You certainly do not want those spots getting overgrown and looking unkempt. For these tight spots, the weed eater is the tool for you. It can cut grass in any place that you cannot get to when you are lawn mowing. It can also trim the grass close to flower beds to make sure none of those pretty plants get mowed down!

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