4 Questions to Guide Dog Owners Toward the Best Vinyl Flooring for Your Home

Dogs, their claws and their accidents can be hard on floors, but many vinyl floors easily stand up to the wear and tear created by dogs. If you are a dog owner trying to choose a vinyl floor that will accommodate your dog's needs, there are several things you should keep in mind. As you shop for vinyl flooring, ask yourself these questions.

1. Is the vinyl scratch resistant?

Vinyl flooring comes in a range of qualities. Rather than buying the cheapest vinyl flooring you can find, look for high quality vinyl that can withstand scratches.

However, if you only want the vinyl to cover your floor for a few years while your dog goes through his puppyhood, then buy cheap vinyl flooring and replace it when it begins to show signs of scratching.

2. Does the vinyl repel water?

Whether you are buying vinyl flooring to last for years or as just a temporary measure, you need to ensure it repels moisture. You don't want dog's urine or water from a spilled water bowl penetrating through the flooring and getting to the subfloor, where it could rot the floor boards.

When thinking about the waterproof qualities of your vinyl flooring, the other thing to consider is whether the vinyl comes in large sheets or small tiles. Both should create a waterproof layer if installed correctly. However, if you accidentally leave gaps between the peel-and-stick tiles, water may be able to get through those gaps. For that reason, you may want to use sheets of vinyl flooring rather than tiles unless you are experienced in laying peel-and-stick tiles.

Keep in mind you can also reinforce the waterproof qualities of many types of vinyl flooring by adding a moisture proof layer under the flooring itself

3. Does the vinyl flooring or its adhesives contain allergens?

Dogs spend a lot of time near the floor and certain materials could unnecessarily expose your dog to allergens. You should keep that in mind as you shop for flooring. Look for vinyl flooring that promises to give off low amounts of VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

4. Is the vinyl floor soft?

Finally, as dogs like to lay on the floor, consider spending a bit of extra cash to invest in a slightly softer floor. There are vinyl floors that are designed to cushions your step, and these can be great for dogs who like to lounge on the floor.

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