Outdoor Patios | 3 Steps to Protect Wooden Patios from Extreme Wetness

Wood is an excellent material for outdoor patios, because it is able to withstand all kinds of natural elements without getting damaged. But like any other surface, it needs a little tender loving care to ensure that it remains damage-free during extreme weather conditions. One of the easiest ways to protect wooden outdoor patios is to use an oil-based timber preservative. Oil-based timber preservatives help to prevent fungal decay, mould and moisture from seeping into the wood. Here are some steps to protect your wooden patios from extreme moisture and wetness.

Gather your Materials

You will need timber oil preservative, a paintbrush, a mop, warm soap water and a sweeper. Timber oil preservative is easily available at most home improvement stores. Oil preservative is especially suitable for wood, because it deeply penetrates into the wooden pores to prevent the attack of wetness and moisture from within the wood. Oil penetrates well into connections and joints to protect all parts of the wooden patio from damage. If you like the natural colour of timber, choose a clear finish oil-based preservative. Since oil tends to evaporate over time, this process of oiling wood should be practiced on your patios annually.

Clean the Wooden Surface

Before applying the oil preservative, make sure that the wooden surface is completely free of dust and debris. Any layer of dust will prevent the oil from penetrating into the wood, and your sealing effort will prove to be futile. Use a broom or sweeper to remove all dust and debris from the wooden surfaces on your patio. Use a mop dipped in warm soap water lightly across the wood to remove any residual dirt. Let the patio surfaces dry for a few hours before the oil coat.

Apply Timber Oil Preservative

Most timber oil preservatives available at home improvement stores come in ready-to-use setups, so you won't need to mix them with any other solutions. Dip a paintbrush into the oil preservative and force it into the wooden surface by brushing the entire area with gentle vertical strokes. Make sure you cover the entire wooden surface when undertaking this brushing process. Keep in mind that excessive oil can puddle up, so apply the coating evenly over the surface to let it cure thoroughly. Let the preservative dry for a few hours and apply a second coat in the same manner as you applied the first coat. Let it dry for a few days before using the patio.

Timber oil-based preservative helps to seal, bind and protect the wooden surfaces of patios from water and moisture thoroughly –– follow these steps for proper application. 

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