Gardening Equipment Every New Homeowner Needs

If you're moving into your first home, you will need some gardening equipment for your lawn and landscaping. You don't want to go out and just buy anything and everything you see at the home improvement store, but you also don't want to skimp on this equipment either. The right equipment will keep your lawn looking its best and also make your outdoor work easier on you. Note a few choices that you'll want to consider for your first home.

1. Hand tools

Larger equipment will help with heavy-duty jobs but hand tools are needed for precision. Get a solid, quality hand pruner for shrubs and small branches of trees. Look for stainless steel blades and solid wood handles that are easy to grip; remember that these will put pressure on your hands as you open and close them, so be sure you get something that fits your hand specifically. A hand trowel is also good for planting bulbs and small flowers around the home; you cannot dig small holes with an oversized shovel, so as with a hand pruner, get one with a stainless steel blade and comfortable wood handle.

2. Rake

You'll need a good rake for more than just leaves; a rake can help you remove grass clippings after mowing and also smooth down soil for when you're ready for planting. Opt for a plastic rake with tines that are close together for maximum effectiveness; plastic will last longer than metal tines, which usually rust and corrode over time. Plastic is also easier to clean of debris, mud, and the like.

3. Hose with sprayer

Invest in a hose made of soft, durable cloth-like material; the softer it is, the easier it will be to wrap around a hanger for the hose and to move it around your landscaping features. It's also good to invest in a strong sprayer, so you can spray down your house and water a large garden from a distance. Note that hoses often spring leaks when they get cut or punctured, so invest in a sturdy, high-quality rubber and avoid buying something that you can feel as being brittle and thin, even if it's cheaper in cost.

4. Comfort items

The more comfortable you are in the garden or when adding landscaping, the more likely you are to spend time on your property. Invest in thick but soft cotton work gloves that are machine washable so you protect your hands but can easily wash them as needed. For planting flowers, buy a thick rubber pad meant for the garden, on which you kneel. This will keep your knees protected from chafing and keep you from feeing fatigued.

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