Security Screens: Doors Versus Mesh: Which One Is Better?

So, you want to get a security screen for your property but are conflicted between whether to get a door or mesh. Well, security doors and security mesh are pretty alike. They are both great ways of making it harder for intruders to get into your home. However, their abilities and characteristics differ. Below, find out how each compares against important parameters such as security deterrence and privacy.

Crime deterrence Here, deterrence refers to how well each item can keep intruders away at a distance, without even making an attempt to get into your home. In that regard, security doors trump security mesh screens. That's because security doors are made of metal bars or grilles which appear harder to get past. A security screen mesh, though equally tough, may appear less intimidating because it's made of a mesh.

Formidability Once a burglar tries to break into either a security door or mesh, they have their work cut out for them. Both products are made of military grade steel or aluminium. They feature multiple welded hinges, multiple locks and multiple riveting points. All these make security doors and mesh screens almost impossible to get past. Verdict: they are both pretty tough.

Privacy When it comes to privacy, mesh screens take the lead. A mesh contains tiny perforations that make it hard for anyone outside to see inside your home. In a way, this contributes to making your home safer as your valuables are kept out of sight. On the other hand, security doors feature a grille that has wide gaps in between. They are therefore not as effective where privacy is concerned.

Lighting In regards to light, a security door is the product of choice if you want lots of it inside your home. It will let you enjoy an abundance of free natural light. You may even get to save on electric bills. A mesh, on the other hand, tends to let filtered light in. Therefore, if you don't want a lot of light coming through your front door, a mesh is perfect.

Cost Due to the nature of the materials used, a security screen door is bound to be more expensive compared to a security screen mesh. That's because doors are made from heavier and bulkier materials. A mesh on the other hand is lighter and uses fewer materials and is thus cheaper.

Fly and debris filtering Last but not least, your screen mesh can also keep away unwanted debris and insects, thanks to its small perforations. Unfortunately, the average screen door cannot accomplish the same due to its grill design, unless it's a glass door.

So which is better? Well, that depends. If you want sheer strength, crime deterrence, and lots of light, security doors might be better. If you want formidability with added extras such as privacy, filtered light and insect-protection, mesh screens are your best bet.

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