Three Appliances you are Probably Abusing That Will Need Repairs

Appliance repairs are a necessity in every home.  From the small appliances like toasters to large units such as refrigerators and HVAC units, stalling occurs now and then. This leads to you try fixing it, or you seek appliance repairs from professionals. There are, however, some repairs that you may have been asking for yourself. This is because you were unknowingly abusing the appliance when using it. The following are three appliances that are commonly abused without most people knowing they are doing so. The result is almost always paying for appliance repairs.

Garbage disposal

Garbage disposals fall among the most abused appliances in homes. Maybe it is because they are very convenient. You should not just throw anything down the garbage disposal and watch it get chopped down the drain. It should be common knowledge that hard materials such as bones and shells don't belong in the garbage disposal. Dump these frequently there and you will need appliance repairs in no time. One way many people unknowingly abuse garbage disposals is during flushing. Many people use very hot water assuming that it will best clean the system. This is wrong. Hot water melts fats and greases. The fats/grease mixture later solidifies down the drain lines. Sometimes, the hot water also hardens various internal parts of the system. With time, this system will either clog or break down at various hardened positions.  The best way to flush garbage disposals, as some appliance repairs experts explain, is to use cold water and salt. Salt is good in breaking down several grease and fat clogs. 


There are common rules like emptying pockets before loading clothes into washing machines. People follow these. There are, however, rules such as; do not leave wet clothes in the washer idle or overnight, which people don't adhere to a lot. Sometimes it may be convenient, after a wash, to just leave the clothes in there and air them out later. This isn't right because the damp conditions promote the growth of mold and mildew within the washer. These two microorganisms can grow exponentially within a washer abused in this manner to an extent of causing real damage beyond the foul smell. They can grow within the machine and clog parts and even cause shorts in wires. 

Plug-in appliances

Many people are fond of leaving plug-in appliances plugged in the socket after use. This seems harmless to many because they have switched off the socket. However, high voltage drawing appliances such as toasters sometimes catch fire even when the switch is off.  Electronically, you could say that their large voltage drawing tendency can sometimes force an electrical stream to be maintained by burning through a thin barrier of air that was to serve as the separation. It is not official, but to be safe, you would rather unplug these.

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