Built-in Wardrobe | 4 Steps To Fix Cracks In The Wooden Door Of Your Built-in Wardrobe

You probably consider your built-in wardrobe as one of your most prized possessions because it hides all the clutter from your bedroom without leaving a trace. The constant opening and closing motion of your built-in wardrobe wooden door may cause small holes and cracks to form over time. If sufficiently small, then you can probably repair these cracks instead of replacing your entire door. If the crack is too large and irreparable, then you may need to replace the entire door. Follow these steps to fix small cracks in the wooden door of your built-in wardrobe.

Gather Your Materials

For small wooden cracks, you simply need to get wood filler or wood putty. You will need to look for shrink-resistant putty that is ideal for filling interior timber. Wood putty is usually available in different colours, so you can choose something in a similar shade to the wood you're working on. You will also need a putty knife and medium-grit sandpaper. You can purchase all these products from a home improvement store.

Lightly Sand The Crack

Use the medium-grit sandpaper to lightly sand down the crack for smoothening the area and removing any wooden splinters that could gouge into your skin. Be gentle with your sanding effort because you don't want to thin out the wood. You simply want to remove any jagged edges surface before applying wood putty.

Apply The Wood Putty Over The Cracked Surface

Wood putty is a thick paste, so you will need to apply it evenly onto the wooden crack using a putty knife. The putty should generously fill up the hole or crack, so that the crack doesn't get bigger over time. Most home improvement stores now have ready-to-use versions, so you don't have to mix the putty before applying on the cracked surface.

Allow The Putty To Dry

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for allowing the putty to dry. In some cases, it may take several hours. To ensure a quicker drying process, you'll want to properly ventilate your room. Once the putty has dried over the wooden wardrobe door, you can lightly sand it with the rest of the medium-grit sandpaper to give the surface a smooth finish. This will prevent a small crack from getting bigger and damaging your door.

These steps are designed to help you fix small cracks in wooden built-in wardrobe doors. If this doesn't solve the problem, your crack may be too big and you'll need to replace the entire door to prevent it from falling apart. 

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