Keeping Your Artificial Lawn Clean: What You Need to Know

One of the main benefits of artificial grass is the fact that it requires very little maintenance. A small amount of work is still necessary, although of course you fortunately will never have to cut the grass! You might need to contend with your pets using the lawn as a toilet and with the usual organic material that is deposited on most lawns, such as dirt and leaves. So what exactly do you need to do to keep your artificial grass clean?

Cleaning up After Your Pets

Pets do not discriminate against synthetic grass when it comes to using it as a toilet. After all, many pets will do their business on any type of ground if they really need to go. Pet urine can be gently cleaned off synthetic grass by using your garden hose. Use the hose on a low setting to minimise the impact on the grass. High-pressure water can cause the grass to dry in an erratic position, although this can be remedied easily enough. Faecal matter should be scooped up using a plastic trowel or shovel, and then the area can be hosed. A metal scoop has the potential to shred or even remove the blades of synthetic grass. If your pet chooses a favourite bathroom site on the artificial lawn, you might wish to use a special deodoriser to take care of any lingering scents around this area. These deodorisers can be purchased from any hardware shop, or you can ask the company who installed the lawn.

Removing Dirt and Other Debris

Dust, dirt, and other debris can be removed with a leaf blower. You are essentially blowing the mess off a hard surface, and since synthetic grass is not particularly long, this will be a rather easy task to achieve. If you do not have a leaf blower, a broom will also work. Naturally, a broom requires more manual labour. Do not use a brush that has metal bristles. As with the trowel or shovel used to remove pet mess, metal bristles have the potential to shred the blades of artificial grass.

Keeping the Artificial Lawn Tidy

After cleaning, you might notice that the grass seems slightly askew. The cleaning might have resulted in the individual blades of grass not standing upright. You will need to wait for the synthetic turf to dry (if water has been used), and then you will need to brush the area with a broom or brush (again, metal bristles should not be used). Use broad sweeping motions in the same direction, and this will return a look of uniformity to your artificial lawn.

Keeping your artificial lawn clean and tidy doesn't take a lot of effort, and just think of how much free time you'll have when you don't even have to worry about mowing it.

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