How to Choose the Best Garage Roller Door for Your Home

A roller door for your home's garage means less space is needed when it opens and closes, as it doesn't swing out into the driveway when in use. It can also roll into a housing unit above the doorframe, keeping your garage ceiling open for storage. Whatever your reasons for choosing a garage roller door, note a few tips so you can ensure that you opt for the one that will work the best for you.

1. Material

Fiberglass and aluminum are both lightweight and require little maintenance. They may be best for older garages that cannot support the weight of steel or wood, and for those who may be concerned about ever having to open the garage door manually if the automatic opener should break. However, aluminum might be the easiest to actually pry open with a pry bar since it does dent and bend easily.

Wood is a traditional choice and can give your home a very classic look, but wood does need regular seal coating and may chip more easily than steel. Steel is a very durable choice but is also prone to rust and corrosion, however, it is often more affordable than you might realize. Note too that you cannot easily repaint a steel, fiberglass, or aluminum door, but can repaint a wood door. If you think you might want to change the look of your garage door over time, opt for wood.

2. Skins and weather stripping

Garage doors are usually single or double skinned. Single skin means they come with just one layer of the material you choose. Double skinned means that there is a foam or other type of insulator in between two pieces of the material you choose. This foam insulator can cut down on the noise of the garage door, so it can be a good choice for smaller homes where the living area is close to the garage door. It may also help to reduce the sound of the garage door ratting in the wind, so if you live in an area prone to storms and windy conditions, it can be the better option than a single skin.

Weather stripping along the garage door is also the sign of a quality door. Look for one with weather stripping at the bottom that conforms to the floor, for keeping out heat or cold air and insulating against noise. Weather stripping or seals between each section will also help keep out weather elements and better insulate your home, if you have an attached garage.

For more information, contact The Roller Door Doctor or a similar company.

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