Eco-Friendly Solutions to Discuss With Potential Office Cleaning Companies

If you're the owner or manager of any office space, you may be concerned with how cleaning products and processes affect the environment, as cleaning a large office will mean lots of cleansers and also usually means lots of debris that needs to be taken out by the cleaners. It's good to think about working with your office cleaning company to create more eco-friendly solutions, and they should be willing to work with you to create and follow environmentally programs for cleaning. Note a few things you might discuss with a potential office cleaning company when it comes to eco-friendly options.

1. Steam

Many areas of the office can be cleaned with steam as effectively as with chemical cleaners or bleach. Steam lifts dirt from a surface and allows it to be easily wiped away. If your office cleaners will be cleaning the floors, ask about steam cleaners rather than relying on detergents and abrasives for tile floors, or shampoos and detergents for carpeting. Steam might also be used in sinks to remove bacteria, or in the office refrigerator. This too can cut down on their use of bleach and other such cleaners.

2. Natural and recycled cleaning products

If your cleaning company needs to wipe down countertops and clean mirrors, they should be using paper towels from recycled materials. Trash bags can also be made from recycled materials. Note too that natural cleaning products are less harsh on the environment than standard bleach, ammonia, and other such products. Have them use only biodegradable materials when steam won't be sufficient; this might be products made from a vinegar base versus one made from ammonia. There are many companies who pride themselves on using eco-friendly processes, so look for someone who values the footprint on the environment.

3. Recycling waste

Your office should have a good program of recycling in place in order to cut down on waste and the harvesting of virgin materials needed to make plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and the like. However, your recycling program might also need the cooperation of your cleaning company. Ensure that they break down cardboard boxes and leave these in appropriate recycling containers rather than simply tossing them out; be sure you have such containers available. They should also put cans and bottles in their respective recycling bins if they're cleaning the office kitchen or desktops. This will ensure that everyone in the office is doing their part for recycling and not just your staff alone.  

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