Outdoor Teak Furniture: Habits Damaging Your Sun Lounge Teak

Teak furniture is highly durable and can withstand all climatic changes for decades. It's important that you observe the correct care procedures for teak and avoid mistakes that will make it deteriorate faster. People often make the mistake of indulging in maintenance practices that seem okay, but unfortunately, damage the furniture.

Below is an outline of common care and maintenance mistakes people make when it comes to caring for their outdoor teak furniture and a guideline on what you should do instead. 

Oil Usage

People tend to use oil to polish teak furniture. However, though you may notice that the teak will have a certain glow immediately after oiling, the oil will damage your teak in the long run. Reapplying teak oil will damage the ability of your furniture to depend on its natural oil, and the furniture will degrade much faster than it would have without the oil.

Use of oil-based sealants or teak oil to polish your teak makes teak furniture oil dependent. This means that you will be forced to reapply the oil, in most cases, every two to three months. Avoid using oil on your teak so as to lower maintenance demands.  

Covering Teak Furniture

Avoid covering your teak furniture, especially if you don't have the right cloth for the job. If you want to have it covered, get the right type of cloth from a professional teak vendor. The cloth should be breathable. Plastic covers and other non-breathable covers trap moisture, which eventually leads to the growth of mildew on the furniture.

The best practice you should observe in place of covering your furniture is to clean it with a mild detergent solution every year. It's best to go for a store-bought product to remove any tough stains, because homemade cleaning detergents may not remove stubborn stains, as effectively as, they remove mildew.

Rough Scrubbing

Teak is tough and durable, but it doesn't need a similarly tough and rough cleaning technique. You may be tempted to use a brush with hard bristles when you notice stains on your teak. However, the rubbing and scrubbing will only damage the surface of the furniture.

If your outdoor teak has stains, instead of using tough brushes, go for a stronger teak cleaner. Inquire from a professional the best type of cleaner to use. Also, to avoid staining your furniture, you may want to use a teak sealer.

Avoid a do-it-yourself care procedure that you are not sure of its effectiveness and effect on your teak furniture. Don't tire to dial up a professional whenever you need to remove a stain, polish your furniture or carry out any other maintenance procedure.

For more information, contact The Teak Place or a similar company.

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