Follow These Tips to Prepare Your Yard For Summer

Before the hot days of summer arrive, it is important that you get your yard ready, including the lawn, plants, and flowers. While your plants will enjoy the sunshine and heat, they are also at risk of dehydration and in need of more regular watering. Here are some ways to prepare the lawn and yard for summer.

Look For Signs of Dehydration

It is important that you water your lawn and plants more often than the rest of the year, especially on days when the temperatures skyrocket into the triple digits. To avoid killing your plants, look for signs of dehydration. If you notice these signs, you need to water your plants and flowers more often. The signs include

  • Leaves and grass that is curling
  • Leaves that are browning or yellowing
  • Foliage that is turning a bluish-green colour
  • Leaves that are shriveled or translucent
  • Flower petals dropping prematurely
  • Growth that seems slower than usual

Start looking for these signs even before summer begins so you can return the plants to proper health before the temperatures get even hotter.

Pay Special Attention to Your Lawn

Before and during summer, you need to pay more attention to your lawn. Like the plants and flowers, make sure the lawn is watered more often, whether with a garden hose or by programming the sprinklers to turn on more frequently. It is also important that you treat for pests that tend to be more prevalent in the summer, such as grubs, as they will quickly eat your grass. When mowing the lawn, always use sharpened mower blades and keep the grass at a slightly higher level. Also, leave your clippings in the grass as they provide nutrients for the lawn during the hot summer. You may want to add more fertiliser before summer begins.

Prune Your Bushes and Hedges

Don't wait too long to prune your greenery, as you want new growth to begin before temperatures get too hot and the climate is too dry. Near the end of spring, begin pruning the hedges, bushes, and plants in your garden. You want to promote new growth by removing dead and diseased branches, and keeping the overall size of the bushes fairly small.

Know What Flowers to Plant

If you want flowers in the summer, you need to choose warm-weather flowers. Prepare your flowerbeds now by using organic compost, as this works best in hot temperatures. The flowers may vary somewhat depending on where you live, but some warm-weather flowers include zinnia, balsam, sunflowers, petunias, marigold, pansies, and poppies.

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