Why Use Residential Drafting Services When Planning a Home Remodel or Renovation?

When you're planning any type of home remodel or renovation that includes more than just cosmetic work, meaning more than just repainting or putting in new carpeting, you want to consider using residential drafting services. This type of service can ensure that your project is safe and that you're happy with the end result. Here's some more information about why using their services can be such a good idea.

Creating the plan

Homeowners often have a particular need or end result in mind when it comes to remodeling or renovating their home, but aren't sure what they can do to create it or make it happen. For example, they may know that they want a "more open" feeling in the home, but don't know how to create that open feeling. A residential drafting service can often note your needs and then suggest how to fulfill them, such as seeing if you can knock out a wall of your home or if you might simply add more windows. Rather than trying to figure out what to do to achieve your dreams, a residential drafting service can give you a number of suggestions to consider.

3-D drawings and renderings

When you want to remodel or renovate, you may have an idea in your head of how the finished project will look. However, the idea you have in your head and the actual finished project can turn out to be very different; using a residential drafting service can mean seeing how your proposed changes will look once finished, in three dimensions and not just on a flat piece of paper. For instance, you may think that putting up a wall to make two bedrooms from one is a good idea, but after seeing 3-D drawings, you may then realize that the space seems more closed-in than you thought. You may also see that some architectural elements that look good in a magazine aren't going to fit your home's design. This allows you to make changes to your plans accordingly.


Renovating and remodeling often means having to move around electrical wiring and plumbing pipes, and may mean putting weight on the overall structure of your home. In turn, you may be putting your home's safety at risk; a residential drafting service might suggest adding bracing to the subfloor or another load-bearing wall. They may also note that you're installing too many plumbing fixtures so that your current water pressure becomes insufficient, or may be overloading electrical circuits. You can then take into account all these features of renovating and remodeling and ensure your project is safe.

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