Create Your Dream Kitchen Today! DIY Tips to Maximize Your Storage Space

Apartment owners and owners of small homes don't have the luxury of adequate space that comes with a big home. In a kitchen where space is not always big enough to stack up all your kitchen equipment and supplies, every corner in your budget kitchen is precious. It would be rewarding to exploit some extra space using a little imagination. Here is how to go about it.

More baskets and buckets

Baskets are a clever way to organise your space. Don't leave free standing spice bottles in the cabinets. Stack spices used together in one basket. You can put curry and stew spices in one basket, or tea and baking spices such as ginger and cinnamon in another basket. Don't forget to label them. Hanging a fruit basket on the wall near the doorway is a sure way to work up your appetite every time you walk into the kitchen.

If you have a pet, don't just leave the food lying in a sack. Pet food cereal containers offer an easy way to use and store your buddy's favourite treat. Use hooks and peg boards as they add more utility to your kitchen space. Pegboards are hard boards that have multiple holes drilled into them. You can hook anything on them, as long as they can hold the weight.

Fix up more shelving

Shelves are important accessories in the kitchen. They form excellent platforms for placing utensils as well as storage space for kitchen supplies, without making your kitchen appear cluttered. Have some wire rack shelving fixed next to the sink or even on either side of the window. Don't leave out that space that you could use to stack up your linens.

 Magnet meets metal

Stack different designs of small magnetic spice jars on your refrigerator door or your electric cooker; it's a sure way to create interest in your kitchen. Add a magnetic knife rack next to the sink. This ensures a safe and convenient way to store these basic chef utilities.

Customise with paper boards

Don't throw away that carton you used on your moving day, recycle! Take your scissors, cut and glue pieces together and fix up your custom drawer under that sink. Let your imagination take over. Remember to use silicone glue; it is more long lasting than paper glue. Finish this off by sticking a layer of aluminium foil on the DIY cabinets to protect the paper surface. You can use this space to store that bottle of vintage wine you've been saving for a special occasion.

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