How to Choose the Right Timber Look Flooring Material for Your Home

Timber look flooring, or flooring that simply looks like wood, comes in a variety of materials including ceramic and vinyl, and some of these materials may look exactly like solid hardwood while others have a wood grain but with a soft and shiny finish. Timber look flooring material may come in actual tiles as well as rolls, and these can be easier to install than solid hardwood planks. When you're ready to shop for timber look flooring for your home, note a few considerations so you know you get the right type.


Ceramic can keep your home cooler in the summer but they may be colder under your feet in the wintertime. If you live in the tropics or another warm area, ceramic materials can be a good choice, but for colder climates, opt for vinyl as it doesn't hold cold quite as well. Even if they both look like timber flooring, the material can make quite a difference.

Ease of installation

Some timber look vinyl or laminate flooring will come in rolls and not actual tiles; you roll out a section and cut it around bathroom fixtures, the kitchen island, and other such features, and then use grout to seal the edges. This makes it very easy for homeowners to install on their own, but these rolls may have the most artificial look. 

Tiles made of porcelain, ceramic or another natural stone may be harder to install than rolls, but they may also look more like real wood. Choosing tiles rather than rolls also allows you to more easily add the material to the walls for a cohesive look. You might run the tiles up a bathroom wall to make the space look bigger or add it to the kitchen wall to create a splashback. Flooring rolls are often not a good choice for walls as they may be more likely to start peeling away from the surface than tiles. 

Care and durability

Each type of material you choose will vary according to its care and durability. Vinyl and linoleum rolls may be the easiest to care for and may come clean with a simple damp mop. Porcelain may be softer than other materials and hold more dirt and debris in tiny holes and gaps in the material, which can mean that you need to have the floor professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Ceramic tiles can be denser and less likely to hold dirt and debris, but may be more prone to breakage if you have children or pets who are very rough on the floors. While considering your choice of timber look flooring, consider how to keep them clean and maintained over the years.  

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